The people behind At full Tilt

Two creatives with a vision for the extraordinary

Life is not only work, not only play. It is not merely anything.

Life is experiences.

2 people’s lives crashed together, and AT FULL TILT was born of creativity and passion of understanding marketing and business.
From an awareness of how we limit ourselves and our busineses from fears of excelling and of failing.
From 2 lives of failures learning from failures and successes, a realisation that we are uniquely positioned to help people AND their businesses.

We are not the sum of our lives, but the power of our lives

Get to know Maya and Hamish a little better

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Maya Mendoza

Technical Director
Not a one trick pony! I’m a self styled Organic Search Marketing Specialist.
Innovative early adopter. Content Creative. Writer & best selling author.
Communicator. Copywriter. Shamanic Storyteller, Soul Psychologist. Wisdom Teacher.
I connect people, ideas & dots.
Huge fun to have around collaborative creative projects.
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Hamish Niven

Sales and Marketing
A self-made entrepreneur fueled by creativity and passion for innovation.
For over 30 years, I’ve pushed boundaries in marketing while continually adapting to the digital landscape.
My knack is understanding clients’ needs and swiftly identifying goals.
Generating creative solutions and utilising resources to empower clients to pursue their dreams.

Maya Mendoza

Over 40 years of entrepreneurial journey

Who is Maya

With a tapestry of expertise woven over four decades of entrepreneurial ventures, Maya is the seasoned cornerstone of our team’s business growth strategy. As a visionary who has navigated the ebbs and flows of the marketing world, [he/she/they] brings a wealth of knowledge to the table, especially in uncovering the less-trodden paths of publicity, publishing, and PR.


My journey in online traces back to 2005 with the founding of EveOlution, a Toxin-Free Natural Body Products company. Faced with the challenge of promoting and selling our innovative products in a market that was unaware of its needs, I took matters into my own hands. Drawing upon my background as a published author and a popular topic expert, I leveraged content marketing strategies to capture the attention of targeted beauty and health journalists. By telling a compelling story and presenting a solution, EveOlution gained massive media coverage, including prominent publications and appearances at prestigious events like the Cannes Film Festival.

Career Evolution

My flair for content marketing attracted the spotlight in 2010, leading to a significant role in enhancing online sales strategies for trend-setting internet marketers.  I was tasked with enhancing online sales strategies, which led me to the Wisconsin Dells, where I interviewed customers and crafted persuasive sales letters and marketing funnels. 
In the midst of 2012’s tumultuous Google algorithm updates my ability to not only stick to but also master the evolving demands of digital marketing shone brightly. My unwavering commitment to Google’s publishing rules meant that my strategies propelled our clients’ rankings upward, consistently outperforming the competition.

New stories & tools: my skillset is still around storytelling, branding, marketing and building your brand – be it your business or yourself.

Innovation and Adaptation

Amidst rapid growth, I faced the risk of burnout and the need for a more efficient way to serve my clients. In 2013, I introduced the Content Amplification System (CAS), which revolutionized content marketing and delivered exceptional results. 
Since then, I have continued to refine and upgrade CAS, staying at the forefront of marketing innovations.

Continuous Learning and Leadership

Lifelong learning is a passion, and in 2023, I underwent extensive training embracing CAS 3.0, further enhancing my skills and expertise.
Now, as we enter 2024, I am excited to introduce a new suite of innovative Search Engine promotion and lead generation products that take full advantage of the AI Sales & Marketing revolution.

Hamish Niven



International documentary maker

Behind the camera, telling the stories of incredible people and times, to entertain and inform, to delight and amaze. For almost a dozen years, I travelled, documented, and was fortunate enough to share remarkable stories about remarkable people and events.
I worked with deliciously curious and creative visionaries and learned to see the beauty beyond the noise and humdrum of life


Marketing Photography – England | Italy | South Africa

I worked with international businesses and clients, providing them with beautiful images to market and sell their products and services. Luxury villas and hotels, lodges and game reserves,  corporate headshots and beautiful products.
Providing solutions to the needs and dreams of my many clients by understanding & managing their demands.


Rock Bottom – addiction

And then, I realised I had only 2 choices. I chose rehab. I’ve rebuilt my burnt-out life and emerged a more robust, wiser, kinder, and far more compassionate and understanding on the other side.
Spent the next 4 years sorting myself out, rebuilding my life and creating a lifestyle and programmes to help people change their lives around.

New stories & tools: my skillset is still around storytelling, branding, marketing and building your brand – be it your business or yourself.


Raising your business and personal brand

Now, with a refreshed perspective, I’m focused on storytelling, marketing, and helping you to build your business or personal brand.
30 years of experience, blended with a lifelong passion for visual storytelling and commitment to clients make me a marketing partner you can trust.