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FAQ of the most common questions we receive

In order to get you into the auto-complete, we need to establish authority for the keyword phrase.  

The time that it takes can vary depending upon the competitiveness of the keyword phrase, but look for the keyword phrases to start showing up in Bing within 30-40 days, YouTube within 65 days and Google between 90 and 140 days. We will provide regular progress reports.

Very minimal. Our SQM Autocomplete is a Set-And-Forget service. We handle all the backend optimization work.

The only requirement from you is making sure your citations, website, social media, your Google Business Profile and your Bing Places are set up correctly. It is essential that your Google and Bing reviews, along with reviews on Trust sites ( Trust Pilot, etc) as well as listings on key local citation sites, are updated and current. It would be prudent to be actively creating content for your customers and clients.
We can help you with all these things and offer a free review if you purchase more than 3 keywords for 2 platforms with us.

At Full Tilt, we also supply Online Reputation Services that enhance your overall online popularity, presence and authority for each search engine. A well-managed online reputation brings higher value to the valuation of your company. 

We achieve this for you with high-quality multi-media content creation and distribute it through our high-level, Google-trusted networks. Your visibility and organic rankings grow exponentially by association with these big brands. Additionally, our exclusive connections allow us to strategically leverage every piece of content we have posted for you before.

What this means for you is a stronger, more solid and popular presence online that shows up as a permanent fixture in organic search. That’s priceless!

We research and identify your most relevant keyword phrases based on your products, services, and geographic location. This includes analyzing search volume data to identify high-value terms people are searching for related to your business. We optimize for 3-5 core phrases that align with your goals.

We guarantee you will appear for the agreed-upon keywords, and you won’t pay anything until you do.

If, for any reason, we are unable to get the required level of ranking, after 180 days, you get your deposit back – no questions asked.

No.  SQM Autocomplete results remove your competition from the search page! SBO Autocomplete complements and boosts your organic SEO. Appearing in the suggestions reinforces your authority and brand presence to search engines. It will not harm your organic efforts.

No website changes are required on your end. We handle all technical optimization needed behind the scenes. A well-optimized site where you are able to easily convert your leads will mean our service will bring you the leads you desire, and you’ll be able to convert them.

No. We do not. 

In order to influence the auto-complete, Google looks to see what is currently trending, so our process works down the lines of social influences, to gain authority for the website and to build social awareness, and do it in such a way that meets Google’s algorithm standards for determining what to suggest in the auto-complete.

This social media trending work that we do is very specific to getting Google to start suggesting your company and your services in the auto-complete.  Some of the things we do are similar to traditional SEO, but SQM techniques are faster and bring more reliable and lasting results.

Our methods are specifically tailored towards influencing the indicators that Google looks at to determine what suggestions to put in the auto-suggest, which is mostly social trending.

Once a keyword phrase is secured for our customer, it is exclusive to that business and is no longer available.  

It is simply to check if the keyword phrase that you want is still available.  Simply go to Google or Bing and type in the keyword phrase. 


  • car air con repair Glasgow
  • air conditioning repair Glasgow
  • cheap air con repair Glasgow area

If the auto-completes box shows any company name after the keyword phrase in the suggestion box, the keyword phrase is likely to be taken. If not, then the keyword phrase is likely still available.  

*There may be times when the keyword phrase has been purchased but not yet appearing in the auto-complete. Contact us today to find out if your keyword/s are still available and get started on your business evolution.

With SQM, you secure exclusive ownership of the keyword phrases. Only your business name will show for those searches.
Competitors may appear for other generic terms.

The monthly fee is fixed and depends on the number of keywords you own and the number of platforms you own these keywords for.

If you stop using our SQMAutocomplete Services, your business name will drop out of the Search Box within a week or two.

Remember that it takes between 30-50 days to show up on Bing and up to 4 months to be seen in Google, so we require a 12-month minimum commitment to allow sufficient time to achieve and sustain rankings. After the 12 months, you can cancel anytime with 30 days written notice.