Discover the transformative potential of Search Box Optimization

In the dynamic world of digital marketing, the freshest innovations are the key to distinguish the leaders from the followers. If your organisation is pouring substantial investments into expensive and competitive PPC campaigns and the never-completed SEO, maybe it’s time you explore the frontiers of this new and exciting strategy, Search Box Optimization (SBO). This could very well be the game-changing edge you’ve been seeking.

SBO: The Game-Changer in the Digital Landscape


SBO is a unique strategy that targets the search engines’ auto-suggest dropdowns, aiming for the sought-after #1 spot. This strategy allows you to capture the attention and clicks of users before they even complete their search queries. Instead of squaring off against countless competitors in organic search results, you guide potential customers directly to your site, claiming dominance over the entire first page – effectively locking out competitors.

The outcomes of employing SBO can be transformative:

  • Once the searcher clicks the auto-suggested results, you establish your online presence in its entirety.
  • Achieving the top ranking in auto-suggest results in near 100% share-of-voice on the first page.
  • Users perceive your brand as endorsed by the search engine, enhancing trust and authority. – providing social proof and significantly increasing the likelihood of the searcher engaging with your brand further.
  • You secure exclusive, permanent ownership of key phrases, effectively blocking rivals from engaging with potential customers searching for your terms.

Who Stands to Gain the Most from SBO?

SBO proves highly beneficial for companies that:

  • Startups in highly competitive markets who want to grab buyer-ready customers and establish themselves quickly in specific locations.
  • Established businesses who currently spend more than $20K/month on paid search and SEO and want to slash their marketing costs by up to 70%.
  • Market high-value products or services ($500+ range).
  • Have repeat customers who spend $1500 or more a year on your products.
  • Operate in industries with high-cost and ruthlessly competitive keywords.
    (e.g., legal, medical, real estate, insurance, travel and tourism, household trades, moving companies, elder care facilities, wedding and event planners).
  • Aim to expand into new regions or offer a new product or service.
  • Companies who possess or who understand the importance of a robust digital presence and who are developing their online assets – including their website, social media, product reviews, podcasts, video, articles and Digital PR.

If your business fits into several of these criteria, SBO will significantly increase the ROI of your marketing activities. SBO will also significantly reduce your PPC and SEO spend.

With SBO in your marketing arsenal, you get your OWN EXCLUSIVE KEYWORDS relevant to your business. You can purchase as many as you like as long as they are still available for your business in your area.

Searchers will see your online presence on a single search page – devoid of your competitors. You are the only company that shows up for that search term.

Customers not only see your website but your social proof, your citations, reviews, articles and news items that mention your company name. They will see a superb overview of your business  – all recommended by both Google and Bing.

The search box allows you to capture clicks before competitors even come into view – delivering targeted, high-value traffic.

Benefits of Search Box Optimization

When you realise that over 70% of searchers use the auto-complete bar, clicking through to the content provided by the search engines, SBO becomes a must-have search opportunity for your business. After all, what would having exclusive ownership of that search option be worth to you?

Trusted endorsements are one of the most valuable assets your business can own. What is the potential value to your business being recommended or endorsed by Bing and Google in the search bar? SBO brings you this asset – no other search method offers this benefit.

SBO allows you to exclusively own high-value and highly competitive keywords. This means you will always show up for the keywords most relevant to your business. This ownership of choice keywords in auto-suggest ensures YOUR traffic remains unchallenged.

Optimise Costs With Superior ROI: SBO allows you to allocate your budget on the most valuable terms. No more bidding for keywords against your competitors. You now OWN THE SPACE and can command a higher ROI compared to broader SEO and PPC campaigns.

SBO brings you to your clients

SBO makes your phone ring and brings you buyer-ready, highly targeted and responsive customers.

With its significant potential to increase your conversion rates and boost brand visibility, SBO is poised to redefine traditional marketing strategies. The time for you to optimise is now – before your competitors stake a claim in this space.

Why Should You Use At Full Tilt for SBO?

As Organic Search Specialists, we are of a mind that SBO will bring you an unparalleled advantage for the following simple reasons:

It is inexpensive. In comparison to PPC for competitive keywords, it is a steal.

It simplifies your marketing. You will be able to reduce your reliance on never-ending efforts and complicated Search Engine Optimisation techniques.

It gives your company unrivalled Exclusivity in either local or national searches.

We offer SBO as a Pay-Per-Result service!

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